New MICHELIN X COACH ENERGY Z – Safety and comfort for passengers, reduced downtime and costs for operators


May 2014 - MICHELIN, the market leader in tyre technology showcases its latest innovation in the Asian market with the new MICHELIN X COACH ENERGY Z.

MICHELIN X COACH ENERGY Z is the latest generation of MICHELIN Truck & Bustiresespecially designed for coach applications. It features MICHELIN technology that improves safety, comfort and resistance to road hazard damage, and from damage due to the thermal effects of long-haul operations, when continuously driving for extended periods.

Through this new innovative tyre, MICHELIN provides coach operators and drivers with peace-of-mind in the areas of safety and control while offering a comfortable and quiet ride for passengers. The tyre is also designed to help coach operators lower operating costs through better fuel efficiency, thanks to its innovative energy casing design, without compromising tyre life and durability.


MICHELIN X COACH ENERGY Z performs with these key features:

  • Safety: 20%* improvement in resistance to crown impacts compared to the previous model (based on internal test result)

  • Long lasting usage: 20%* increase in casing durability due to reinforcement in bead and crown areas resulting to higher ratio of retreadability of MICHELIN X COACH ENERGY Z casings and better casing value for operators, helping them to reduce costs and have a more environmentally friendly business operation.
  • Fuel Efficiency:  New casing and tread design which lowers rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency by 10%* compared to a standard radial tyre. Reducing rolling resistance is another key performance characteristic of MICHELINtireswhich allows users to save fuel and reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles and operations.

(NB: * = Internal Michelin test result Vs. 295/80R22.5 XZA2+ Energy)

MICHELIN X COACH ENERGY Z all position tubelesstireswill be available in 295/80R22.5 size in from May 2014.